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Exam Success hypnotherapy audio

Exam Success


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A hypnotic audio recording to boost exam success. Change the way you feel about exams and change your results for good. Suitable for ages 8 years up to adults.
Recording duration 22minutes 50seconds

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Exam Success Audio

Exams frighten almost everyone and today’s students have to face more of them than any previous generation, so it’s not surprising that stress and anxiety can begin to overwhelm even the most able.

Feelings of nervousness quickly lead to a lack of motivation to study and forgetfulness, followed by an inability to concentrate and think clearly. This leads to under performance and even failure, regardless of academic potential and ability.

This hypnotic audio recording, available both as an MP3 and also CD, is designed to turn those negative feelings into positive ones and regular listening will encourage your subconscious mind to change the unwanted automatic behaviours that have been holding you back.

Studies have shown that not only do candidates experience a greater sense of calmness and confidence after using self-hypnosis recordings, but motivation gets a much needed boost and memory recall improves too. You’ll be able to see yourself absorbing every bit of information and finishing each exam to the best of your ability.

Change the way you feel about exams and change your results for good.

It’s best to listen to this recording for a minimum of 4 days per week until you get the desired change in behaviour. Thereafter the recording should be played to boost the positive effect as and when needed.


PURCHASE Exam Success A hypnotic audio recording to boost exam success

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