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MP3 Fussy Eating No More hypnotherapy audio

Fussy Eating No More


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This ‘eyes closed’ audio recording is a gentle, relaxing story about a walk around a magic garden. Designed to give children confidence to try new foods, it’s suitable for ages 3 to around 8 years.
Recording duration 18minutes 8seconds

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Fussy Eating No More Audio

Getting your child to eat healthily can be difficult at the best of times and it’s very frustrating for any parent to watch their child reject home cooked, healthy foods.

Mealtimes can quickly turn into a battleground as food gets shuffled around on the plate and often end in tears or tantrums.

Once bad feelings become associated with mealtimes, anxiety takes hold decreasing the child’s appetite further still and a vicious cycle of unwanted behaviour develops.

Hypnotherapy for fussy eaters – even for children as young as age four – has been found to be extremely effective in retraining the thoughts associated with mealtimes. So rather than an automatic response of refusal, the child feels more relaxed and open to the suggestion of trying new foods.

This audio recording is a gentle, relaxing story about a walk around a magic garden and is suitable from ages 3 to around 8 years. It’s best listened to for a minimum of 4 days per week until you get the desired change in behaviour. Thereafter the recording should be played to boost the positive effect as and when needed.

Recording duration: 18 mins 8 seconds


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